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Volunteer Connection

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Legal Documents

PACFA Compliance



  • How To Foster Dog Process
  • Home Check Master Form
  • Foster Report Card Master Form
  • Manual Foster App
  • Medication Log Master Form
  • How To Take Pics Write Bio
  • PPM Foster Acknowledgment
  • Promoting Rescued Dogs
  • RMCR Approved Vets
  • RMCR Approved Groomers
  • PPM Foster Section Jan 2017



  • How To Intake Process
  • Transport Master Form
  • Social Media Rescue Policy
  • Manual OS Form
  • 24PetWatch Change Ownership
  • AKC Reunite Microchip Transfer Form
  • Home Again Microchip Transfer Form
  • How To 24PetWatch Registration
  • Microchip Avid
  • Microchip Avid Metal Tag
  • Microchip Avid Plastic Tag
  • PetLink Microchip Transfer Form



  • Annual Volunteer Forms
  • RMCR Volunteer Read Card
  • How To Access Volunteer Connection
  • RMCR Contact Info
  • Who Does What
  • Bio Book Cover
  • Showcase Checklist
  • Volunteer Sign Up full sheet
  • Volunteer Sign Up half sheet
  • Event Donation Receipts
  • Fosters Wanted Flyer 8x10

Breed Specific

Training Tips


  • Dog Food-Grades
  • Hale Rescue Rewards Program
  • Pet Care Assistance
  • RMCR About Us - remove
  • RMCR Kroger/King Soopers Cards