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Hi! My Name Is Milo

Milo is a 4.5 year old black lab mix (~45lbs) who loves the outdoors and water. He's lived with our family of four (including our small terrier) since 2020 and gone camping 20+ times. He’s the most loyal hiking companion because he will never stay far from you even when off-leash. He’ll jump right into your vehicle and does well in a car or back of a truck on a bed. He has a funny howl noise, almost hound dog-like, especially when the doorbell rings. He is skittish and anxious but great with little kids and around them basically every weekend. He can be a little standoffish at first but then he warms up. When he’s really comfortable with someone, he’ll just sit on your lap, slung off to the side or sitting straight up, and always come to greet you. He only lets our son, who sleeps with him every night, touch his paws. Milo readily plays with most dogs. We watch our neighbor's dog often and they do great. He doesn't like being surprised by large dogs though. We have a very short (low) fence per our HOA rules. Unfortunately, last month he got surprised twice, once with a contractor at our back fence and then by a large, somewhat aggressive-sounding dog next door where there are young children. Both events ended with a minor biting incident, which is completely uncharacteristic of Milo, but also why we feel he needs to be rehomed. We love him and want him to be safe and happy. Milo chews on bones, is active and healthy, is neutered, his vaccinations are up-to-date, and he houses his food twice a day. We use special shaped bowls with compartments (lids, curves, etc.) that make him "think" and work a little hard for it, expending mental energy. We doesn't shed much at all and has a shiny coat, plus a handsome face. One bonus: he is super well-behaved on walks on a leash thanks to a 3-week training camp in August 2023 at Art of the Dog Canine Academy. Milo did very well there. He responds well to 'corrections' with an e-collar (dial from 0 to 100), which is rarely needed but highly effective if you want to use it. He now sits and stays on command ("down"), will auto-sit on walks when you pause, and he only starts walking when you say "heal". The trainers also taught him a "bed" command where he will stay for 30 minutes on a special lightweight gray canvas bed. It's very handy while cooking, eating, entertaining guests, or watching TV. We can send videos and do a live FaceTime or Zoom call to demonstrate.
  • Retriever - Black Labrador
  • Male
  • 0 Days Old
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • No Preference
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
  • I Like All Small Animals
  • I Am Good with Farm Animals
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Emotional)
Fenced Yard Required,  Has Separation Anxiety
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