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Josie C 23007

Hi! My Name Is Josie C 23007

We're happy to tell you that Josie C 23007 has a new furever home.
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Josie is available for a puppy adoption. 

Josie came to the rescue from a puppy mill along with a few cockapoos.  But the vet thinks Josie is a Mini Aussie. She has partial deafness. Blue eyes, compromised vision. 

Josie is so very sweet and likes every critter she meets. She doesn’t understand that we are not her sheep and would like to herd us all into one room. She loves walks. She loves jogs but doesn’t run too straight yet. Haven’t tested any long runs though. She lets our kitten clean her as she wrestled our large dog in the back and gets very dirty doing so.  Josie likes to cuddle during her naps and at night. She curls up on our feet when we do anything, even brush our teeth. She’s very agile but she can’t see well, she’ll do very well when things don’t move too often for her. She needs some manners but she does not have a mean bone in her body.  Josie sometimes gets spooked by large movements especially when it’s dark out, and she does cry a little when we leave the house but it does not last. She does ok for 2-3 hours being left at the house.  She would really love someplace where she can sleep in someone’s bedroom as that’s really her relax time. She lets me clean her face and her bottom with wipes when needed, and although it’s a challenge, she allows for nail trims too.  She does the  typical puppy chewing, needs more house training .   Josie has a huge heart and explosive energy to go with it. 

Do you have room in your heart and your home for Josie.