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Compassionate Care Dogs

Feel the love and companionship of a senior or special needs dog. 

Many of these dogs simply need the appropriate home where their aging and special needs can be understood. Their chances of being adopted are low but we know the right family is waiting to bring one home. While aiming for Quality of Life, we continue to provide the appropriate treatments, vet care, medication, and if possible, a pain management plan. With our dedication and your support, they can live their golden years with dignity in a home where they can trust and feel loved.  Some of the conditions are arthritis, incontinence, loss of hearing/vision, diet changes, heart conditions, mobility issues, or other additional age-related physical or cognitive changes.   

All dogs in this group are available for adoption or a financial sponsorship.

Book Recommendation: My Old Dog Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts, by Laura T. Coffey

Quote from Victoria Stilwell: “My Old Dog is a wonderful book….. every story reminds me of just how resilient dogs are and how strong the human-animal bond can be.  Regardless of age, a dog’s love is as pure as anything you will experience in your life and pays no heed to fame, money, or social standing, but it’s the devotion of a senior dog that is demonstrated so perfectly in this book through written word and beautiful photography."

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