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Archie N 23142

Hi! My Name Is Archie N 23142

We're happy to tell you that Archie N 23142 has a new furever home.
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“Hello there! I am Archie, an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy. I need to let you know that unfortunately I was born with deformed eyes, and I cannot see.  I have never known a sighted world”. 

Archie sweetly wags his little tail and greets all new people with joy. He is an active puppy that races in circles and uses his nose to seek out his treats. Archie loves to eat and loves his treats! He uses his ears and cocks his head to find his people, listening for their steps. In the mornings and late evenings, when he's tired, he loves cuddling up with his human. He is a "Velcro dog", always wanting to be near his people. Archie, because he is blind, is often underfoot and easy to trip over. I would not recommend someone who is afraid of falling to adopt Archie.  He also tends to wander off and get into trouble (like any puppy!) without supervision. He easily makes it through the night in his kennel. We keep his kennel in one location so that he gets used to it. He believes it is a safe place and he always gets a treat for going into his kennel.

Archie is still learning polite behaviors, such as house training and typical puppy nipping. We are currently working on house training, puppy nipping, and jumping in your face if you're seated. Archie has a sweet demeanor. Everyone that meets him falls in love as he wiggles his whole body to greet them. If you are looking for a cutie, you've found him.   Archie has had a lot of change in his short life. He needs patience during transitions, as we noticed he can get very anxious. This behavior dissipated after ten days. However, he loves meeting new people and demonstrates no fear of people.  

“I am looking forward to joining a family with a fenced yard and another dog to play with, and who can help me learn how to ‘see' the world and blossom into my potential.  Transition to new places will take me at least a couple of weeks.  So please be patient with me as I learn”.   Love, Archie