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Many of us are hoping the new year will bring change and better health for family and friends. Sadly, unwanted dogs will not change. RMCR had a very tough financial year while many of our supporters focused on their own worries. Luckily, we received great support from many of you this past month. Donations are needed throughout the entire year - not just during the holidays.

Your donation goes further when you donate using your bank account. See additional info below.

As we slide into 2021, please consider DONATING MONTHLY by setting up an automatic payment plan using your bank account. YOU select the day of the month and the amount. Simply add RMCR as a payee to your online bill pay system, using the following address: PO Box 482, Parker, CO  80134.
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The benefits of donating with a bank account instead a credit card?

Donating by writing a check or using your bank's Online Bill Pay system is the least expensive method of payment in terms of processing fees. This means RMCR gets every penny of your donation, allowing us to provide the dogs more care and fulfilling our rescue mission.

Why is making a donation using my bank better?

Many credit card companies charge fees to collect the money on our behalf. Fees vary between 2.2% and 3.5%. Every time they collect for us, we are also charged a 30 cent fee, regardless of the amount.

What's an example?

If you donate $1,000 via bank account, RMCR will receive $1,000; donate $10, and we receive $10.

If you donate $1,000 via credit card, RMCR could receive $970 or less of your contribution, a loss of $30.

How does it work?

You determine the amount and the day of the month you want to donate. After logging into your bank account's Online Bill Pay system, add RMCR as a new payee using our mailing address:  PO Box 482, Parker, CO 80134. You select which account you want the money to come from (Checking, Saving, or Money Market). Your financial institution will mail us a check as you directed. We receive the check in the mail and deposit the full amount into the rescue bank account. You don't pay for an envelope, possibly write the wrong address on the envelope, nor do you pay for a stamp!

Who do I call to get further help to set this up?

The software each bank uses is not the same, so please contact your bank directly. They will be happy to help you get started.

Our Generous Donors


We love Cockers


Memphis is a huge fan of Cocker Spaniels and the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue in particular. He loves their Particolor coats.


Emma and Freckles

Thanks for all the incredible work you have done over the years to support and help so many precious cockers and others to find their forever-home and family! Sherry, and Cockers: Emma, Freckles, Sparky, Louie, Odie and Missy (a few cockers who have rescued me over the past 30 years).