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Max C 23078

Hi! My Name Is Max C 23078

We're happy to tell you that Max C 23078 has a new furever home.
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Max is a very sweet and loving little dog, so easy to deal with and just needs someone to love him.   I don’t think he’s been on a leash much and I didn’t push it because he slipped out of his collar when he arrived. I ordered a small harness and I think, with time, little by little, he could be leash trained.  He must be confined or on a leash if he’s out in the world with you. He would be ok in an apartment if you have a deck where you can let him out to use a potty pad with something to lift his leg on.  But he will need to become more used to a leash.  Currently, I go outside to an enclosed area with him about every three hours so he can potty.  He’s learned to go to the door but likes to have me stay with him. He gets down to business and wants right back in. He’s very good at this. The last outs are about 8 p.m., then he hops into his crate and sleeps all night.  He’s very easy to take care of.   

Max doesn’t appear to understand play toys but may come around in time to play fetch.  He is a good eater. He has not barked while he’s been here but did squeak a couple of times when I picked him up and touched a spot that upset him.  Not sure why.  He does not explore the house and likes to sit in his crate bed or in his donut by me.  Loves to be gently petted. I have his crate situated where he can see outside.   He’s shy around new folks and doesn’t like boisterous voices.    Max would be a wonderful calm boy for a couple or a single owner.