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Toby W 22133

Hi! My Name Is Toby W 22133

I'm Available | Bonded With: Zoey W 22134

Toby will remain in the Recovery Room until medically cleared.

Toby is a wonderful senior dog and is very dependent upon his sister Zoey.   They came into rescue after their owner suddenly passed away.   They will need to be adopted together.  Toby is very friendly but very shy.   Toby is a nice old gent. He prefers to keep to himself is a little skittish of people but will come around over time. He is completely non-aggressive, and I've never heard him bark. He spends most of the day napping, and likes having a little cave to snooze in. He does well crating, we crate him at night and sometimes during the day. He does need a diaper when inside, but not when crated, but he tolerates it well. He was not exposed to cats, but can't imagine it would be an issue. He has had a companion dog for the last 5 years, Zoey W. He is not particularly interactive with Zoey or our other lager dog.  At his age he is just chilling and accepting his retirement years. Toby shows no interest in our two year old, but runs away from her (to be fair he runs from most people), so kids would be fine as long as they are capable of leaving him alone.


  • Spaniel – American Cocker
  • Male
  • Senior (Over 9 years) (12/28/2007) - Actual
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Colorado
  • Buff
  • Gentle and Friendly
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • Not Tested With Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Livestock
  • I'm Trained
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