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Sophie H 23134

Hi! My Name Is Sophie H 23134

We're happy to tell you that Sophie H 23134 has a new furever home.
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Sophie a absolute delight. I have nothing but praise and love for her. She is very healthy for13 y.o.  She had a dental and surgery a few months ago for some benign tumors and came through with flying colors.  Her blood work is fantastic.  At this point she has no medical/health issues.  She doesn't have dry eye or ear issues.  She needs to be groomed.  Also, I feed her Fresh Pet - chicken loaf.  She loves it.  She loves all food. Bananas are a favorite. 

She is a laid back lovely goof ball. I can't figure out if she is deaf or marches to the beat of her own drum.  She can hear load noises but doesn't come when you call her.  She loves licking my face, sleeping in bed with me, cuddling on the couch, and being held like a baby. if you wake her up she sometimes gives the best side eye and then goes back to sleep. She lays at my feet when I am working from home and follows me around the house.  She uses the doggie door pretty consistently but has had a few accidents in the house.  I think it's laziness because my bedroom is on the second floor and the doggie door is on the first. But take her out right before bed and there isn't a problem. She sleeps through the night.  She loves everyone. Isn't timid and seeks attention from everyone.  Overall, she is just a happy, squishy love bug.