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Ruth C 24049

Hi! My Name Is Ruth C 24049

We're happy to tell you that Ruth C 24049 has a new furever home.
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Ruth is a sweet Cavalier and retired puppy mill mama who is learning about the wider world. She is shy and uncertain about new things and new people. She's house trained in quiet homes only, running to the door when she needs to go outside, but is very afraid of loud men and is NOT house trained for them. She doesn't pull on leash, and as she gains confidence she's been exploring more and wanting to smell the flowers. She is just starting clicker training and loves it - well, loves treats - she's very food motivated! That just means training will come easier. 

Because of her previous life, she needs to be able to choose when to be touched or when she wants to interact as much as possible, and all interaction needs to be calm and gentle.  This gives her trust that the person, other animal, or situation won't hurt or scare her. A child-free home would be preferred, since that's a tough thing for kids to understand when she's so cute! Expect all new things, people and places to take time, with multiple small exposures, and being with someone she trusts before she believes she is safe with the new thing. 

Ruth would do great with a confident dog friend to show her when things are OK (even then things will take time). She had 5 puppies in January 2024 and has really enjoyed playing with puppy friends and has done fine with cats and larger dogs that respect her space. She picked up the pattern of home life quickly. During the day she's content to hang out by the desk, and in the evenings she's clear that your lap is where she should be. She will eat soft toys, so Kongs, puzzles, and chews keep her occupied when a lap isn't available. She is not crate trained and is content to sleep behind a puppy gate in an attached bathroom at night or when left home. She knows beds are for sleeping on and when told not to be on the bed, only a couple times of very gentle re-direction were needed for her to respect the bed as a no-go zone.  She is a sweetheart who will blossom in a calm and gentle home.