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Ricky S (Fritz) 22017

Hi! My Name Is Ricky S (Fritz) 22017

We're happy to tell you that Ricky S (Fritz) 22017 has a new furever home.
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Ricky is a young dog, under one year old,  who needs time and a patient adult to help him learn to trust.     He is 20 pounds of smart, dynamic, adorable fun! He loves to run at full speed, jump 3x his height, and play with anything he can get his "paws" on. Ricky loves playing with his 50+ pound dog friends for hours each day, tackling them and chasing them down. He explores with his nose to the ground for the next adventure. Ricky is very smart and trainable. In a few weeks, he's already learned to sit and lay down, and he is quickly gaining skills in leash walking. He is alert, curious, and food-motivated, willing to stop whatever mischief for a treat. He has been trained to sleep in his kennel each night without complaint. Ricky can be skittish around new people, however, he will build a relationship with anyone that consistently gives him treats and uses positive methods. Ricky would benefit from having another dog in the home to help him feel confident.