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Raini Grace (GrayCee May) 22129

Hi! My Name Is Raini Grace (GrayCee May) 22129

We're happy to tell you that Raini Grace (GrayCee May) 22129 has a new furever home.
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     Raini is a lovable five-year old cocker that came from a breeder who no longer wanted her as she could only be impregnated via artificial methods that were too expensive.  She was a “house dog” for approximately two years until she had one litter of three puppies.  She was then put outside in a pen (for the past three years), and they rotated male dogs in the pen with her to see if she would get pregnant again, however it never “took”.  After being relinquished at the local animal shelter, a shelter volunteer cared for Raini at home due to the shelter being at capacity. She also had Raini spayed, had a dental cleaning and her cherry eye removed.

    Raini was very fearful of the other cockers in her foster home the first week, but now does fine with them. Though she does get along with the cockers in her foster home, she will likely still have anxiety about dogs she does not know and she would do best in a home without other dogs. Raini is a large cocker with a deep sounding “bark”. She is a housetrained, high energy cocker that uses a dog door to go outside and loves walks. She is easy to control on a leash with a halter and she rides well in the car.  She is learning that she should not put her paws on the kitchen cabinets and counters.

     Raini has Seborrheic Dermatitis that is treated with medicated shampoo. She also has dry eye that is treated with Tacrolimus. Though she had cherry eye surgery prior to intake, it now needs to be repaired.  Raini Grace will remain in the Recovery Room until medically cleared.  She is eager to please, loves everyone (except little ones who rush at her face) and would do well in a quiet home, with someone who can devote their time to teaching her what a family really is. She attaches quickly to men and women.  She is friendly, smart and eager to please.  Raini Grace loves attention!