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Queenie U 24002

Hi! My Name Is Queenie U 24002

We're happy to tell you that Queenie U 24002 has a new furever home.
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 Queenie is the daughter of  Visha U 24001, they are bonded. They must be adopted together.

Queenie and Visha  are a beautiful bonded mother/daughter pair and are the epitome of the "merry cocker" spirit, with double the kisses, cuddles, and enthusiastic greetings. They are charming, playful, and sociable dogs. They fit in great with their foster family's other two dogs, including initiating play. They grew up around cats. After settling in with the foster family, their individual personalities are starting to show.

Queenie is very friendly and cuddly, although more mischievous than her mom. She loves to steal socks, and proudly carries them around as trophies. She also likes to carry toys around the house and bring them with her when she goes potty outside. She has more of a goofball personality, and has a very curious nature, climbing high on furniture and always wanting to know what you are doing. She is also a bit of an escape artist and high energy. She has  been known to climb / jump over 4 ft fences, so the pair will need a secure 6 ft wood fenced yard.   She loves being in your lap and giving you kisses. When she’s not romping with her mom, she is probably insisting on attention from her humans.   Separation anxiety seems to be induced by Visha’s separation anxiety- she was fine at home when Visha took a solo trip to the vet. Queenie doesn’t like car rides but does settle after a while if her mom is with her.  Allergies -  she received a shot from the vet, might need to continue as needed. Front right dew claw is irritating her currently , soaking in Epsom salt 2x daily to help prevent infection.  Queenie likes to be the little princess of the home!