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Pistol Annie 21052

Hi! My Name Is Pistol Annie 21052

We're happy to tell you that Pistol Annie 21052 has a new furever home.
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Hello, my name is Pistol Annie, and I am a real Pistol!  I am living in a foster home in Kansas.  I love to be loved and get attention, and I am learning some cool new doggie obedience commands and tricks.  I can “sit” and “shake” now, and I am reliably house trained, and crate trained.  I do require A LOT of exercise to be calm and well-behaved.  My foster mommy walks/runs with me at least 4-5 miles per day.  If I don’t get my “walkies” I get into trouble with my behavior doing inappropriate guarding, chewing, and other things. I love to snuggle in the chair or on the couch with my foster dog mom/dad to watch movies and hang with my other foster dog siblings.  I think I would be lonely without another dog friend, but I also must be taught to “play nice”, and so structure, rules and a reliable routine are really important to my puppy upbringing.  I have a lot of separation anxiety.  My foster mom telecommutes, so she is home all day to let me go in/out to the play yard to do my business and play with the other dogs.  Loud noises, and city traffic noises frighten me terribly.  They scare me so much I will fall on my belly and freeze sometimes because I am so afraid.  I love it in the country though.  My foster dog dad/mom have a huge fenced doggie play yard attached to their house/back deck.  It is so nice and quiet here, I can listen to and chase the birds, rabbits, and squirrels.  I am happy most of the time if I get to exercise and have a good training and set daily routine.  My foster mommy says I get better each day as I learn and grow.


Pistol Annie is beautiful, approximately 30#, 10 months of age (May 2021).  She is house trained within a routine but cannot be trusted to be left alone in the house due to inappropriate puppy chewing at this time. She is crate trained, and currently sleeps in her crate beside foster mom’s bed at night. She also requires VIGOROUS exercise with a least 4-5 miles per day run/walk to reach a calm submissive state.  She does wait her turn for her food bowl 1,2,3, 4=Pistol in her current foster household.  Pistol Annie requires ACTIVE SUPERVISION.  She needs continued training, understanding, and the right home environment to thrive.  She will chase cats, birds, rabbits, squirrels etc. Pistol Annie is fostering in Saffordville, KS. We welcome phone calls with questions to discuss Pistol Annie’s needs.  It is especially important we find the right person-adopter and home life environment so that Pistol Annie will have a forever home.