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Pippa K 20081

Hi! My Name Is Pippa K 20081

I'm Available

She tends to be very happy and has a great wiggle butt. She is kennel trained. Loves to snuggle!  She has been trained and follows all kinds of commands. The problem with pee/poop is you have to make sure she actually goes. She is used to being told she has to “go potty” or “go poop”.  She’s unable to eat more than just her food. Her stomach gets upset easily. She’s unable to have any kind of rawhide chew but LOVES her Nylabone chews. They are her fave thing along with her squeaky ball. She follows commands-sit, lay down, kennel up (she knows and go to her kennel when you say this), time for night-night, go (with finger pointed in that direction), out, off, high five, treat (she loves ice and carrots).

  • Spaniel – American Cocker
  • Female
  • Adult (6 - 9 Years)
  • 31 - 40 Pounds
  • Kansas
  • Buff
  • Happy
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Like All Cats
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