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Peanut Butter 21090

Hi! My Name Is Peanut Butter 21090

We're happy to tell you that Peanut Butter 21090 has a new furever home.
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Peanut Butter is a little over a year old. This little dude is full of energy and loves to play, his favorite games are for you to chase him around the house, and tug-o-war, especially with socks. He is a very well-mannered boy, he has not chewed on anything, but he will occasionally get on top of tables if there is a dirty plate up there and he will clean it off for you! He is mostly house trained- if taken out on a regular schedule he won’t have an accident. In his previous home he was said to have anxiety and tummy issues, with a quality food those seem to have subsided. Peanut Butter lives with an older female dog and they get along well, he also is friends with our male dog who has really good dog to dog manners, however I don’t think he would enjoy a dog that is constantly in his face. Peanut Butter prefers to just be left alone and he leaves the other dog alone. He is currently living with two cats however I would suggest a home without them. He has never hurt them, but he does enjoy barking at them, we have been working on this but there’s still work to do. He prefers women but absolutely loves my boyfriend now, they play all the time. He also loves going on walks and having room to run around, a fenced yard or active couple would be his dream home! He can be timid in the beginning and needs a little time to warm up, because he can be timid, I would suggest a home with no young kids (12+). He is a huge snuggled, he loves sleeping in bed with us and loves to burrow himself under the blankets, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Peanut Butter has had a pretty stressful life, he deserves the best home where he can play and snuggle his family. He’s such a sweet and well-behaved boy, if you give him a chance, I guarantee you will fall in love with his goofy personality, and silly little antics.