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Nemo A 24047

Hi! My Name Is Nemo A 24047

We're happy to tell you that Nemo A 24047 has a new furever home.
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Nemo is cleared for adoption.  He will probably need a dental cleaning in a few months.  

He Nemo was a stray from Arkansas. He is playful somewhat shy pup.   Nemo is a small, very smart, sweet, darn-cute male Cocker Spaniel pup, of uncertain age.  The shelter estimated his age about about 9 months, but the vet says more like 1.5  even  perhaps 2 years of age based on his teeth.  He has all of his adult teeth.  Nemo has a beautiful shiny black coat!  He learned how to use the doggy door in one day!  At first, he thought it was just a fun exercise; he still hasn’t figured out he can do his “business” independently (but then again I wouldn’t see him and be able to give him a treat!).  He is making progress with house training; he usually sleeps through the night in his crate without any accidents.  He knows his name and comes readily when called.  He loves toys, especially those that make noise.  He plays like the Energizer Bunny and then curls up for a nap on your lap or snuggles close to you.  He likes to be petted and even tolerates a bath without much resistance. Not sure about care rides, so far two out of three car rides has resulted diarrhea.   He has been in a home with an older dog, and he tries very hard to “rule the roost”.  He can be very jealous of any attention given to the other dog, but they have mostly arrived at a “truce”.  He probably would not do well with children under six.   The shelter reported that he was   good with cats. He is skittish of nearly any new situation, but then his curiosity takes over and he approaches cautiously. He seems to be most cautious around men, although did well with a male vet.  

UPDATE: Nemo is doing so, so much better. House training is going well.. He continues to show how smart he is. I’ll try a car ride again  soon. He and my other dog have come to an “agreement”. He is getting less skittish when meeting strangers. He will be a wonderful addition to someone’s home and I promise he will bring you smiles, laughs, and lots of cuddling!