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Mr. Cheez Biscuit 21081

Hi! My Name Is Mr. Cheez Biscuit 21081

We're happy to tell you that Mr. Cheez Biscuit 21081 has a new furever home.
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Mr. Cheez Biscuit (a.k.a. CheeZee, Cheez Dog, Cheez) had a rough start when he came into the rescue. It turns out he had foxtails embedded in his feet and ear. Poor boy was in pain, disoriented and scared. We have had these removed and he is now fully recovered. He then, he relaxed and settled in very nicely.  Cheez has glaucoma and is blind. This is controlled with 2 eye drops twice each day. He is very good about taking his drops. He also gets around well, especially once he learns his environment. He uses his sense of hearing and smell to tell him roughly where is. That said, it would be best if his major landmarks (furniture) didn’t move around too much. I am amazed how my other foster dog will drop a toy on the other side of the yard and Cheez will walk straight to it and “steal” it.  Mr. Cheez loves to be outside to wander the yard, sniff the smells, and let the breezes blow on his face. As long as he knows his family is somewhere nearby, he is content. He knows how to find my open back door when I am home.  If he does get distracted or turned around, he knows how to follow clapping, snapping, or my shoe tapping on the hard floor.  Cheez does have some mild degree of separation issues. Though, as he gets more relaxed and settled in, it is not bad at all. Mostly, if he thinks he is locked outside by himself he will start crying. When he is inside with another dog and they are home alone, I have seen no evidence of issues at all. He is always sleeping near the front door when I get home…but that might be because the tile is nice and cool. Cheez is quiet and calm when he feels safe and not alone. Once in a while he enjoys participating in twilight bark with the neighbors but will stop when you ask him to.

Because he is blind, he is not the greatest on leash. But with practice, learning, and trust, he would improve quickly. He is already learning “step up” and “step down” for single steps and curbs. 


Cheez is a very sweet senior Cocker Spaniel. He wants nothing more than to have his person close by. He would very much love a home where is family is home most of the time and maybe another dog in the family. Since he is blind, he will need a little time to learn his way around. And, once learned, it would be great if things didn’t move too much or too often.