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Mosley C 23-22131-2

Hi! My Name Is Mosley C 23-22131-2

We're happy to tell you that Mosley C 23-22131-2 has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Dogs Page to see the pups currently available.

Mosley will remain in the Recovery Room until cleared for adoption.  then he will most likely be adopted by his foster.  

Mosley is a great Dog. He can be very goofy. He loves squeaky toys, maybe even more than treats. He is very smart. He understands basic commands, sit, stay. He understands when you want him to go get his toy or when it is time to eat. He lays around a lot during the day and you would hardly know he was even there until a guest stops by, then he is on full alert, never aggressive with people just very tense, barking and growling. He loves when his people come home, he gets very excited and loves to greet his people. He uses a dog door and our yard has a 4’ fence which have both worked great for him. Mosley doesn’t mind a walk but he is also very content to stay home. When he does go for a walk his nose is in charge, he goes wherever it leads him, often he is oblivious to anything else. He feels like he must always be in the front when walking, so extra people, kids, strollers, bikes..can all make your walk very…lively.
His vision is impaired, he has seen a specialist for his eyes but most likely the condition is from birth. He can see relatively normal out of his right eye but his left is cloudy from cataracts. It is believed that his poor eye sight from birth has contributed to his tension around adults. He will at times even mistake his people for strangers, resulting in barks and growls until he recognizes them. Mosley loves to be pet and scratched, he often kicks his legs when you’ve found just the right spot.