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Monty B 20070 (Maple)

Hi! My Name Is Monty B 20070 (Maple)

We're happy to tell you that Monty B 20070 (Maple) has a new furever home.
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Monty is a true sweetheart; when warmed up to his humans he will follow you forever. He likes it best when someone is home to spend time with him, take him on walks, talk to him, and tell him what a good boy he is. He shows absolutely no signs of aggression, walks great on the leash, and seems intrigued to meet other dogs/cats. Although Monty displays caution around new humans/situations, he is a gentle dog who truly wants to please. As the days progress, it is a joy watching him feel more comfortable and learn the cues/commands of his humans. With guidance and reward, Monty is learning to sit, come, leave it, and "go potty!" He will do best in a home that will support his training, allow him to interact/socialize with other dogs, take him for nice walks, and be patient, calm, and loving with him.
P.s. Monty is observant and curious, and I have never heard him bark or whine!

Monty is a sweet little pup that is a little standoff till he feels comfortable. He worries that he might be harmed so he is on watch. After a time he comes up and accepts cuddles and pats. Loves to eat and enjoys snacks. This little fella needs training to learn to walk on a leash, but with patience he will enjoy them. Car rides however are not at the top of the list for Monty. Patience and love, lots of snuggles will gain his love with his beautiful brown eyes.