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Mikey N (Archie) 21021

Hi! My Name Is Mikey N (Archie) 21021

We're happy to tell you that Mikey N (Archie) 21021 has a new furever home.
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Mikey was originally a stray from Tijuana and has braved a whole new world in rescue and foster care.  He is still afraid of new people and afraid of being abandoned, so he needs someone who can be patient with him.  He does have the tendency to bolt. With time and love he will become a splendid canine companion.  He does well on the leash.  Mikey has a sweet personality and is submissive to and loves to snuggle with other dogs.  He is not sure how to treat people, so he should go to a family that already has a dog that can show him how to be with you.  Mikey is not well socialized to people.  If you try to cuddle with him, he will freeze up, he might never like to snuggle but can be friendly.  Mikey often wakes up in the morning happy and secure, but as the day wears on he starts becoming a bit insecure.  Having him leashed, even in the house, helps him to feel some security.  You do not have to hold the leash -- just let him drag it behind him.  He does need a fenced yard; he loves being outdoors.  A very tiny yard or dog run would be ok.  It is easy to make him cower by accident if you are too abrupt, so kind words and a soft voice work best with him.   Mikey will need an adopter who will take things slow, be patient with him, and know it will take a little while to be fully accepted by him.  It may take a couple of meet-n-greets to make sure this dog is right for you.  Mikey needs a forever home with a fenced yard, another dog, and with adopters who are experienced with dogs who need that extra time to settle in.