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Marley N 21061

Hi! My Name Is Marley N 21061

We're happy to tell you that Marley N 21061 has a new furever home.
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Marley is an energetic, funny, loving pup. Even if he is 2 years old, he still tries to catch his tail. He does zoomies in the yard every day.  As a street dog in El Paso, he learned to survive and to make decisions on his own. Now he loves tummy rubs and sitting on a lap. When he is closed out of a room, he cries to be let in. He follows me everywhere, most of all he just does not want to miss out on anything. When he wants an adventure he has climbed over the fence.  If he gets out of the yard, he runs for a bit and then returns on his own grinning because it was too much fun! He can jump two feet straight up. So far, he is not a digger nor a chewer.  He can jump onto tables, beds, shelves, etc. He also likes picking little apples off the lowest branches and chasing his Yorkie roomie, but he is sometimes too rough for the smaller dog. Marley eats well but could probably still put on more weight. He responds to treats and walks on a leash. He knows a few words, such as “No”, “Come”, “Out”, “Marley”. He seems afraid of being cornered and he will growl and might nip if he feels threatened. He startles sometimes, but he was not afraid of fireworks. He sleeps in an open-door crate, but do not put your fingers in; lure him out first.

  Marley’s new Best Person should be patient and sly; that is, do not try to force him to do something; just help him change his mind! He will do best in a home without small children or smaller dogs or smaller pets.  A tiny yard will probably frustrate him and a 6-foot fence is a must.  He will probably do well with other dogs his size or larger and with teenagers who direct him or lure him and who like to be kissed, hugged and loved.   Marley will need to be groomed regularly.