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Lucy Kate 22-21104-2

Hi! My Name Is Lucy Kate 22-21104-2

We're happy to tell you that Lucy Kate 22-21104-2 has a new furever home.
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Applications not accepted.  Lucy Kate will be adopted by her foster.

Lucy is the most caring dog I've ever had. She's extremely smart and aware, but also very stubborn. Lucy is a very loud barker. She should have a home, not an apartment. She loves the outside and needs walks daily to keep her mind and body tired. She is very smart and knows sit, shake, high five, come (fairly well), stay (fairly well), ride, treat, and a few others. She has extreme separation anxiety and in order to be left home alone, she should have a companion. She does show some signs of food aggression, but not terrible. She will guard her food bowl and growl if another dogs comes around, although she has never bitten or threatened my dogs well being. A home with another small dog and a back yard would be ideal for her so she can run and play. She is not fully housetrained, as she currently goes potty on pee pads in the apartment. She was trained to potty pads when I received her. She loves to cuddle and is terrified of the crate (was told when I got her that she was kenneled about 12 hours a day in the home before me). She barks and pulls at other dogs and people when we do go on walks. She is easy excited and very easily distracted. She definitely needs some training. Lucy requires a very loving and patient home. She definitely gives back to you, if you give to her. I hope she'd be allowed on the furniture and in the bed. As she loves to snuggle in the bed (she knows the word 'sleepytime' and runs to the bedroom when I say it). She LOVES her food time. Her most favorite treat is hotdogs and she loves Simply Nourish soft chews for treats as well. I hope wherever Lucy goes, she is extremely loved. She is a very deserving dog.