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Lacey G 20073

Hi! My Name Is Lacey G 20073

We're happy to tell you that Lacey G 20073 has a new furever home.
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We were told she was around a year and a half in Aug of 2016. The only medical issues are be careful when you pick her up, occassionally she will yelp if her hip is pushed on in a ceratin way. We had her x-rayed and they did not find any issues. She loves to play with toys, go for walks, and cuddle. There is a long cement walking trail near us and when it's not freezing, hailing, or boiling (so not many days), we will take her after dark to walk. She is off leash and does great. She never gets more than 20 feet away and immediately returns when called. She is a very devoted, loyal family member. She is fully housebroken, but repeatedly peed on a new area rug. I had to toss it and tried to replace and she did it again. So we learned that area rugs are not that important lol. She barks like crazy if she's looking out the window and somebody walks past. She is a great watch dog. She has been exposed to many new people over the years and never bitten or snapped at anybody, but she sure has a great bluff if she's scared. She currently lives with 2 rescue cats and has taken to growling if they walk too close to her, but still tolerates them. She loves it when we foster kittens, though. She is super maternal with them. She loves a soft place to sleep and always wants to be near her family. Initially, we had her sleep in a crate and support crates for many reasons, but eventually got rid of the crate because she sleeps with my college daughter, Nicole and we just didn't need it. She knows sit and stay. She pulls on a leash even with her harness, but due to the heat during the summer and working during the school year, we walked her after dark off leash so it wasn't a big deal