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Kobe N 23112

Hi! My Name Is Kobe N 23112

We're happy to tell you that Kobe N 23112 has a new furever home.
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Kobe overall is a sweet dog that needs a strong human leader who will continue to work with him and give him the direction and the activity he needs.  He is very strong and active and likes to be busy so frequent walks and hikes will beneficial.  He is highly food motivated.  Alert barks when people come in the room and he can charge at them.  But he becomes friendly quickly.  Kobe seems well trained and interested in learning.   He is crate trained.  Kobe enjoys being outdoors and really needs a fenced yard with a 6 foot fence.   He loves running around with the other dogs in the foster home, however he is behaviorally dominant and can be very bossy with them.   It will probably be best for Kobe to be an only dog.    For this same reason Kobe should be in a home without children.  Kobe loves human companionship! He will do best in a home where his owner(s) are around a lot, working from home perhaps.  Being alone daily for long hours will not work for Kobe.

If you would like to know more about Kobe pleases ask to talk with his foster.