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Jolie D 23072

Hi! My Name Is Jolie D 23072

We're happy to tell you that Jolie D 23072 has a new furever home.
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I am a special needs dog ready for adoption.

Jolie is a gentle and precious senior cocker.  She came into rescue after her owner passed away. Josie is blind and deaf or heard of hearing, yet she is patient, tolerant, loving, and dignified.  She had a recent dental  and lost several bad teeth so now her mouth is comfortable.  She enjoys eating and sits patiently waiting for her food as her bowl is being filled.  Her eyes were evaluated, under anesthesia, she came to us with pretty bad eye infections.  She will remain on cyclosporine eye drops long term because she has no tear production.   With the infections now cleared up and she is getting daily eye care we are hopeful that her eyes will remain comfortable so that she does not have to have eye surgery.  Jolie was able to learn the lay of my home and yard easily with some slip lead guidance.  Now she remembers and does very well.  Jolie has been a joy to foster and she will bring  the right family much love and companionship.