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Gizmo 20046

Hi! My Name Is Gizmo 20046

We're happy to tell you that Gizmo 20046 has a new furever home.
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Gizmo is an energetic, loving dog and wants to be part of the family, following around all his people or laying on a lap chewing his bone. He needs a fenced yard in an adult home. He gets anxious if any of his people leave the house and needs help calming down, a Himalayan bone is the perfect remedy. When everyone leaves the house, he tends to cry. He can get protective and bark at larger dogs. He has lived with other Cocker Spaniels and has done well.  Even though there might be some dog-to-dog scuffles from time to time, having a canine companion might just be what Gizmo needs to help with anxiety when his people leave the house. He has done well with cats respecting their space. Gizmo is crate trained.

Gizmo likes protecting his people and gets excited, running around barking and sometimes howling at environmental noises. He can get overly stimulated and nip. No children please. Gizmo loves walks and making new friends. He is a happy and super focused dog, is treat motivated, and easy to teach commands.  He knows play dead, shake, hi 5, back-up, drop it, get your toy or bone, stop, go, can play fetch, etc.  He is learning how to walk on a leash and making rapid progress. He is normally joyful, lovable, loves kisses, is energetic, and frankly just a hilarious dog with a huge personality.  Gizmo has completed heartworm treatment and is doing well and is looking for his forever home.