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Frankie M 22078

Hi! My Name Is Frankie M 22078

We're happy to tell you that Frankie M 22078 has a new furever home.
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Frankie (7 yrs) and Max (4 yrs) are a a bonded pair and must be adopted together.  Frankie is more laid back than Max.  He observes and tolerates the other dogs in the foster home but does not really interact with them.  He enjoys the company of the humans. He is said to have anxiety around small children. Please do not apply for these dogs if you have young children, or are in an apartment without a fenced yard. It took Frankie longer to learn to trust after his surrender but with slow movements and caution, in his own time, he has become relaxed and trusting.

Frankie and Max need to be in a home together, with experienced owners who can give them love and attention and activity.  They are both affectionate and lovable.  Both really enjoy car rides and walks.  Frankie will look out the car window and really enjoy the sights. They both can have food aggression, but they will wait their turn when treats are being handed out, even in the presence of the other dogs in the home.  The food aggression is noticed when they can "steal food" or get into a trash can (especially Frankie) then whatever they have stolen becomes theirs without willingness to give it up.  Frankie has learned how to open the lower kitchen cabinet and get the trash can, even with a baby lock on the door. So, caution with that please.  We have found a more secure cabinet lock that Frankie cannot open.  Trash cans and other non-dog items must be out of reach and / or in secure cabinets.  If another dog goes near their food bowls, they will growl. However, Frankie and Max can be feed a few feet from each other and do fine

It has been a joy having Frankie and Max in my foster home and look forward to them getting their forever home very soon.