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Darwin M 23136

Hi! My Name Is Darwin M 23136

We're happy to tell you that Darwin M 23136 has a new furever home.
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Darwin is nothing but a little ball of affection, mischief and energy. Darwin's ideal day is to wakeup, eat his breakfast, go for a walk through the neighborhood (As he is no fan of dirt) come home to cuddle and play with his human, sister and stuffed log. He has no great love for the outdoors but is most certainly not a couch potato. If you allow him to get bored, be certain that he will find a way to entertain himself. He has a very loud and fun personality and loves to be the center of attention. Especially if he sees his sister is getting more attention than he is. He LOVES the dog park and thrives on being social with other dogs and humans. He truly is a happiest go lucky guy. After a long day of running around all he wants to do is be near and cuddle his humans. We have found that he prefers woman but holds no ill will towards men. Love kids of all shapes and sizes. However because he has so much energy he needs to be supervised with little ones. Although he lives to get on his sister Darcy's nerves he can't survive without her. The moment they are separated he tends to lose his mind. He is crate trained but does not like being in there for long or without Darcy. I would also like to note that if he does not like something he will let you know. Darwin all in all is a very well rounded fun pup who loves his humans and sister deeply. He and Darcy would make great additions to any family lucky enough to have them.