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Darcy M 23137

Hi! My Name Is Darcy M 23137

We're happy to tell you that Darcy M 23137 has a new furever home.
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Darcy is the textbook lap dog. Her most notable features are that she loves to snuggle, she is incredibly sensitive and aims to please her people. Also, she can't smell a thing. When Darcy was spade she aspirated which damaged her nasal passages rendering her nose completely useless. Even though she won't be able to smell the flowers she loves to run through them. Darcy is fantastic with kids, gentle on furniture and the best movie night buddy anyone can ask for. She does best when she can go outside often and sleep in the same kennel as her brother Darwin. Darcy and Darwin are the best of friends and mortal enemies, just like any brother and sister. Darcy gets grumpy when Darwin steals her toys especially tennis balls. She prefers a dark cave like place to feel safe especially when no one is home. Darcy does have a couple quirks that are worth mentioning. Darcy will pick things up to figure out what they are and sometimes that includes poop. She knows how to signal that she needs to go potty however, it's very quiet so you'll want to pay attention. Darcy doesn't like clippers going down her legs at the groomers so she typically has a short scissored skirt. Lastly, but most importantly, Darcy needs to be with her brother Darwin. They are best friends and do not do well without each other. Darcy and Darwin make the perfect addition to any family lucky enough to have them.