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Daisy UT 22126

Hi! My Name Is Daisy UT 22126

We're happy to tell you that Daisy UT 22126 has a new furever home.
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Daisy and Max are incredibly awesome dogs that are bonded and must be fostered and adopted together.  They are mother and son, Daisy at 5 years and Max at 3 years old.  They are very happy dogs that only get happier with every minute you spend with them.  They will sleep at your feet patiently waiting for the at homework day to end.  If they get a couple of sideways glances, they are ready to play and take a break from the workday.  They will be interested in everything you do once the workday is over.  They don’t get in the way and aren’t annoying, but they are there with curiosity about what’s going on and eager and ready to learn.  These two were outdoor dogs but love being inside on a full-time basis.  Taking them outside on a regular basis is working well for house training purposes.  They have not been trained to the leash. They NEED A FENCED YARD.  They have adapted well to crate training.  Neither dog is the least bit aggressive, and both have been super great with other dogs.  Not even the slightest growl at other dogs even with food around.  Squeaky toys and even treats seem to be new to both wonderful dogs.  Max and Daisy are both quiet dogs and do minimal barking.  

Daisy is beautiful with gorgeous coloring.  She is fascinated by the cat but not in a good way for the cat.  She hasn’t hurt the cat, and could have a couple of times, but it is recommended there are no cats in the future foster and forever home.  Daisy is so happy!  She absolutely loves being an indoor dog.  Her little tail wags faster than you can imagine.  

Max is a sweet, sweet boy that wants to be with his human every minute.  He is not aggressive in the least and could be the perfect companion for a younger child.  Watching TV is obviously new to him.  He takes it very seriously and watches very intently.  He will bark at certain things on TV but gets over it quickly.  Most of all he just loves being with people.  His bad habit is that he wants to be as close as possible and will put his paws up on people – not really jump up with intensity but he’s up on two legs with the other two on your legs.  Max is overweight but is losing weight quickly.  He pulls very hard on the leash, is in great need of leash training.  He’ll be in good shape in no time at all.  

With a little bit of training these two very wonderful dogs will make the perfect lifelong companions that will bring you joy every day.  You will be able to feel the gratefulness for your attention and love which you will receive back hundreds of times over.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to invite these two wonderful dogs into your home.