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Cody F 20117

Hi! My Name Is Cody F 20117

We're happy to tell you that Cody F 20117 has a new furever home.
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Cody is a loving, gentle dog with a lot to offer. He enjoys taking walks, doing tricks in exchange for treats, and being with his people. He likes to spend most of his day lazing around on a comfy couch or doggie bed. He is a velcro cocker and is happiest when he is near his people (or right in the middle if his humans are in different rooms!) He has some separation anxiety which is managed by inexpensive medication. Consistent routines and predictability in his life also help him with his anxiety. He would do best in a home with no small children, as he prefers his environment to be calm and predictable. On car rides, Cody gets nervous and shakes, but he's happy when it leads to a hike or the dog park. He likes most other dogs, as long as they are not too big, jumpy, or dominant. Cody usually does well being introduced to new people as long as he can go up to the new person on his own time. He does not like when people put their faces in his face, as he finds that quite rude! He is a good guard dog and will let his people know when someone is at the door or delivering a package. Cody has been with his family for 9 years, and they are very sad to have to let him go due to his discomfort around their toddler, but they know that Cody will make another family very happy with his loving and sweet disposition.