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Poppy K (Gurdy) 22084

Hi! My Name Is Poppy K (Gurdy) 22084

We're happy to tell you that Poppy K (Gurdy) 22084 has a new furever home.
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Applications not accepted.  Poppy is being adopted by her foster.

 Poppy is an adorable girl with long silky ears, and beautiful eyes. She is a ‘red’ cocker with lots of gold, and buff feathers on her legs.

Poppy came to us from a puppy mill. As far as we can tell, she has had little to no affection and is still very timid around people. So far, she is getting along with the other dogs in her foster home, but that is mostly because she likes to stay in her kennel. Poppy likes to sit on your lap and get pats and reassurance that it is safe, while she watches what is going on around her. We are working on going potty outside, but she has been very good about going on her potty pads in the house. Poppy has not gone potty off the mat. House training combined with crate training and a good in/out routine and schedule will help Poppy learn not to potty in the house.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid of being on the grass, it’s that everything outside is new, big and overwhelming. Big loud noises scare her, and fast moving things like birds. Poppy like to get gentle pats and rubs on her ears. She didn’t flinch when a toddler came up slowly, and gave her gentle petting and spoke softly.

Poppy has tried to chew through her leash. Even when she calms down and is sitting in my lap, she is tense and prepared to jump and run. Her new family will need to be vigilant about Poppy’s surroundings until she learns that she is safe and loved. Miss Poppy truly needs and deserves lots of love and spoiling!