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Gabby K 22085

Hi! My Name Is Gabby K 22085

We're happy to tell you that Gabby K 22085 has a new furever home.
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   Applications Closed.  Gabby has an adopter.

Gabby came to us as a puppy mill rescue with literally zero people contact at 7 months of age. She was not your typical 7-month old Cocker puppy, full of life, and giggles.  She started out afraid of her own shadow, any sudden loud noises, or movements. Her whole body would JOLT in fear. Gabby would just cower in her crate.

        After getting a bath to get all the poop and urine caked on her fur cleaned off, and meeting some resident dogs that were happy, healthy and playful, Gabby began to see a brighter side of life. We started out crate training and attaching a leash to Gabby’s harness to get her used to the functions of both. In the fenced-in yard, we were still afraid that she would bolt and we would not be able to catch her so we created a long lead of about 20 yards tied to a tree to give her some space and freedom. She adapted to this very quickly! After only 8 days Gabby was doing her potty and poo business all outside on a routine schedule and then coming back to the soft bed, snacks, and safety of her little den (wire crate). Then we began having Gabby sit on the couch with us and receive love, pets and soft voices of praise. Gabby really ate those positive “feels” right up. A few days later and we were able to attach just a lead to her harness when we went outside and Gabby had the run of the entire yard. We were able to call her and get her to follow us to the back door and get hold of the leash to walk through the back door. Now when we go outside for business “doings” she has the run of the fenced-in yard and enjoys chasing her friends in foster care. We see play-bow and normal puppy barking and squealing.  It is such a happy sound compared to the quiet somber pup that came to us on July 15th.

        Gabby would do best in a home with another friendly, well-behaved/trained dog friend her own size. She will need a continued disciplined schedule of in/out to the bathroom and set feeding times to help regular her needs to go outside. She is still learning to walk on leash but she has made incredible strides in that regard. She does really well with soft voices telling her she is a “silly goose Gabby”, and that general happy sing-song loving voice. She can go up and down stairs now by herself! She sleeps in her crate at night next to her foster mom’s bed, quiet as a mouse. She will love to sit on the couch with you to snuggle, love and binge watch your favorite shows.  #SnuggleBunny

        Gabby is ready to begin her new life in a forever home with the perfect match for her attention and training needs. She will be a real treasure in some lucky family’s life.  She will need a fenced yard.