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Molly C 23080

Hi! My Name Is Molly C 23080

We're happy to tell you that Molly C 23080 has a new furever home.
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Molly will remain in the Recovery Room until cleared for adoption.

Good Golly Little Miss Molly!  Hi, my name is Molly but my current foster already has a few nicknames
for me like “Shadow” (I like to be my foster mom’s shadow) and “Tink” (I got to watch Peter Pan with my
foster family and I jumped up on the couch and watched the movie intently) oh and “Sweet Baby Girl”. I
was rescued from a puppy mill where I had a bit of a rough start to life, but I am so very ready to leave
that in the past and enjoy life in a loving home. They say I am around 6 years old. I am what they call a
Cavachon (Cavalier and Bichon) but my foster momma just says I am a sweetie pie, if that is a breed? I
don’t shed much if at all. I am currently being treated for ear infections (I don’t need medicine as they
put some long lasting medicine in my ears that should take care of it, I just can’t get them wet for a
month). I was having trouble eating hard food and had some bad breath, the doctor ended up having to
remove 13 of my teeth, yikes. While I know that sounds bad, I’m doing well with my recovery and am
happy I will no longer have the mouth pain. I am really good at following the other doggies outside to
use the bathroom. I just need to be reminded every so often to go outside – my foster mom is always
soooo happy and tells me I’m amazing when I go potty outside. I’m a bit skittish as I am learning the
way humans move around. My foster humans just move around as normal and I am learning to adapt. I
might be more timid of small humans but I have no problem with women or men. What I have found
out since my rescue is that I LOVE to be LOVED. I love to be by my foster mom’s side all the time. I am
loving more and more being held and pet. I love to lay next to a calm human on the couch and snuggle. I
sleep in a crate at night where I can see my foster mom and I rarely make a peep – she tells me ‘Quiet’
and I’ll go right back to sleep. I eat well – it currently has to be softened. I am good with the other dogs
(big and small) in the house, I will give a little growl to the pesky puppy when he pushes me too far and
he backs off. When no one is home I need to go in a crate as I will look everywhere for my human and
get nervous but I don’t really like being left alone and I will bark for a bit. As I said, I much rather be with
you wherever you are, but I am sure with time I will learn that you come back. I do need a secure fenced
area as I like to explore and if there is a way out, I’ll probably find it. I will still need to be spayed after I
recover from the anesthesia of getting my teeth pulled, but besides that I am feeling better every day
now that I’ve received such great care and I’m getting more and more excited every day to explore this
world as a loved pup.