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Brandia N 21031

Hi! My Name Is Brandia N 21031

Wow our Brandy as her foster folks know her, is a ball of energy. All puppy inquisitive, playful, rowdy and smart is our girl. Brandy is only five or so months old so she still has lots of growing to do. Just in the last week her ears are now standing up and tuned for any noise she hears. Off she runs to investigate. She plays well with her dog buddies and when she tires out finally she sleeps near them for comfort.
She loves walks although she is not sure what a leash is and will refuse to go the way it wants her to. She lays down for car rides and is an awesome passenger.
This little buttercup needs lots of activity. Right now her chewing gets her in a wee bit of trouble with foster mom. However she quickly moves onto other adventures.
Brandi would probably do good in a busy home with kids to keep her busy.

  • Bulldog - American & Mix - Small
  • Female
  • Baby
  • 10 - 20 Pounds
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Dogs
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