Biscotti N 23125

Hi! My Name Is Biscotti N 23125

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Biscotti is a secret sweetie hidden behind a wall of nerves and soft brown fur. She is not very active or playful and prefers to spend her days sleeping in her human’s bed or couch.  She is very nervous and scared of new or loud sounds and will run and hide. At the moment the bed is her safe space and she won’t leave it to come seek out affection or attention, but she secretly does want scritches and kisses! When I walk into the bedroom she wags her nub and sometimes will do a playful stretch and army crawl across the bed to say hi. When she’s in her safe space she enjoys being given little treats and affection.  She gets eye drops morning and night in the bed. We are working on being comfortable coming out into the house and have started feeding her in the kitchen. She’s not a fan of being watched while she eats and is a slower eater.   She is potty trained.  Biscotti is currently being treated for a skin issue.  If you are looking for a cuddle and movie-watching kinda girl then you have found your perfect match!

  • Spaniel – American Cocker
  • Female
  • Adult (60 - 108 Months)My DoB is 09/17/2017 (Estimated)
  • Brown
  • Couch Potato
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Only Like Small Dogs
  • I Like Some Cats
  • I'm Trained
Special Needs (Medical)
Medical Condition

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