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Bella H 22-21037-2

Hi! My Name Is Bella H 22-21037-2

We're happy to tell you that Bella H 22-21037-2 has a new furever home.
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Applications not accepted.  Bella will be adopted by her foster.

Bella is a very sweet girl with an energetic personality.  She is a loving pup.  She had been in the care of an older gentleman and loved him enough to adjust to his easy lowkey lifestyle but is still very young and active and would do well with a young family.

Bella has some limited training and would benefit from additional training focused on engagement with other people and animals. Bella has separation anxiety. She will bark/howl for some time after being left at home. Having the other dogs around has helped Bella a lot. Bella is still learning to follow basic commands. She will often hesitate to obey. Bella can shift into a ‘afraid of her shadow’ mode, running away from regular activities.  I have seen Bella be relaxed and very gentle with me, in active and high energy mode with my cat and with my Keeshond 10-month-old, and then as a couch potato during nap times and evenings. Bella is very much a ‘be with her person’ dog and has settled into sleeping on her side of the bed at night

Bella likes going on walks, will pull on the leash, wanting to go and go and go. She is very engaged with getting her harness on and is overjoyed at being able to go for a walk. Bella will generally ignore my Keeshond and 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel on the walks, wanting only to explore and meet others. Bella is fascinated with, and sometimes obsessed, with my cats. She will chase and seek out as often as she can. Later, Bella will lay on the floor and watch her favorite cat at it walks across the floor with no issue. My friendly cat often likes to play and participate, and then gets tired of the chasing and being annoyed by ‘that little dog’. My grumpy cat will hiss and screech at Bella, and Bella wisely leaves her alone. Most of the time, Bella will follow my ‘No’ command to stop chasing the friendly cat. Then, she will lay down near me and closely watch the cat for any movement. Bella likes to climb. Favorite locations are on the back the love seat here in the basement. I have also seen her building a nest of sorts in the pillows and throws on the single futon also here in the basement. 

Bella is looking for her forever home with an active family and another pet or two to have as animal companions.