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Arabella Figg 21048

Hi! My Name Is Arabella Figg 21048

We're happy to tell you that Arabella Figg 21048 has a new furever home.
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If  you are a Harry Potter fan you might be familiar with a fictional character named Arabella Figg, a dealer of crossbred cats and kneazles, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix.   Shelters are very creative in naming the stray dogs and I think this name makes Arabella special. She was a stray coming to RMCR a very frightened dog with nasal and sinus infections and a large sebaceous cyst on her neck. On intake she was so frightened that she just sat in one spot and had to be taken indoors on a slip lead, only wanting to go back outdoors again even in the rain as if she was afraid to be in the house. Even though very frightened she was gentle, kind,  watchful, and compliant.   From observation I am thinking that Arabella must have been an outdoor dog without socialization.   Arabella answers to "Bella" so that is her nickname.  She does appear to be hard of hearing.  She has tolerated all vet handling well, even for an oral exam and blood work. After about 5 days Bella began relaxing and following me around, loving life on the couch.  She has done well with a multi-dog household and now looks to me for direction. Arabella will most likely need time to re-adjust to new surroundings when the time comes for her to be adopted.  She is going to bring a lot of Peace & Calming to that special forever home.  I think she has some magic in her just like Harry Potter :)