Senior, 9 years old
Adoption Fee:

House-Trained, Crate-Trained, Hearing Impaired, Vision Impaired, Leash-Trained, Rides Well in Car, Lap Dog, Obedient, Timid/Shy, Affectionate, Eager to Please, Good for Seniors, Apartment Appropriate, Good with Cats, Good with Children of all ages, Good with Other Dogs

"HI! My name is Thatcher. A very sweet ‘Good Samaritan’ lady brought me into Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka KS. I was dirty, hot, and sick. I had sore eyes and ears because I was full of infection and even had maggots growing in my ears!

The nice people at HHHS got me cleaned up and evaluated and contacted their friends at Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. They told me “Thatcher ~ don’t give up, don’t lose hope!! I was so tired and sick and uncomfortable I just wanted to die… I didn’t believe anyone would ever love me again.

The Vet at HHHS got me neutered, and antibiotics and had a fatty lipoma tumor removed from my tummy. That was a rough ride I tell you! They cleaned out my eyes and ears and helped me get rid of the infection. AND THEN, I started to feel a little better. But I was still scared I wouldn’t get out of the big, noisy shelter.

But sure enough, the wonderful volunteers at RMCR found a nice lady in Kansas to coordinate getting me further along in my wish for being well, and I got to go home with her to the country life!

I was SO EXCITED to find other wigglebutts at her house!!! AND, she lets me snuggle on the couch and watch movies with her!! I LOVE TO SNUGGLE! And, I love the other Cocker wigglebutts at her house too! I especially like to snuggle close with Eddie the Eagle (he is kind of my big brother in foster care). My foster mommy Miss MiChielle says that I am a perfect gentleman, and I really like getting hugs and pets from her and Mr. Jim. They are so nice, and they helped to get me in to have eye surgery so my eyes would be protected and well by having an entropion eye lift! Isn’t that cool!?!?! I can see so much better now!! And I can have another bath and a groom and they say I will really look handsome then (whatever that means! But it sounds like it is a good thing!)

So foster mom says I need to give you the vital statistics:

I am petite, at ony 24# with a small frame American Cocker Spaniel. Dr. Hess guess-estimated my age at between 7-9 years of age. I am neutered, all my vaccines are current, Heartworm NEGATIVE, my eyes are fixed, and I am on monthly preventatives.

I am a PERFECT gentleman riding in the truck. Front seat or back, I know to sit quietly and chill.

I am 100% crate trained, and I do pretty darn good walking on leash. I don’t pull (foster mom told me that was “bad” so I just walk gently beside her)

I am on my way to being 100% house trained. I am getting lots of free time in the house wearing a training diaper for now, but it is always dry when foster mom takes it off for us to go outside and do business in the yard. And when I pee or poo in the yard… She dances around like a wild Indian telling me how smart I am and makes a big ole deal out of it! So I guess this doing business outside is a BIG DEAL! I got that down now, and try very hard not to make any boo boos in the house!!

Anyway, I just want all you people out there on the internet to know, I love my foster home and my foster mom and dad very much. But I do want a home of my own, my own person to love with all my heart! So please share my pictures and my story and help me find my way into some special man or lady’s heart…

If not already, Thatcher will be micro-chipped, neutered (if age appropriate), and up-to-date on his shots prior to adoption. If you would like to meet Thatcher to see if he is a good fit for your home, please fill out an Adoption Application online.

• We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dog. We depend on licensed vets and other professionals to provide the best determination, unless the dog arrived with written documentation.

• Puppies not spayed/neutered at the time of adoption due to age will require a $50 refundable sterilization deposit in accordance with Colorado Code of Regulations 8 CCR 1201-11: Part 19-J.

• We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well-being of the dog.