Wrapped In Love – Colorado


ANNOUNCEMENT: Vice-President, Audra J Bowen, is proud to announce RMCR has been selected as the Jan/Feb 2016 recipient of Wrapped in Love. The local chapter, led by Bonnie Johnson, has volunteers who make blankets, tug-toys, belly-bands, sweaters, vests, and diapers for animal rescues.

These items are made through donations and each volunteer’s own supplies. The rescues they donate to, are worked by volunteers who are not paid. “They’re all volunteers. They don’t have money to go out and get blankets or belly bands or toys for dogs, things they really need in their rescue to keep going,” Every blanket, toy, belly-band and diaper, is made with love. That’s the number one thing,” Johnson said. If you’d like to volunteer or donate supplies to this wonderful organization, click their facebook link below.

RMCR is honored to be selected. What a great way for us to give unwanted cockers something to call their own and take with them to their forever home!


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