2015 Donors


Best In Show: $500+

Andrea W.

Audra B.

Barbara S.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Catherine C.

Catherine M.

Cathleen C.

Cathy O.

CoBank (on behalf of their employee Sue K.)

Community First Foundation Grants (Colorado Gives)

Dachtober Fest

Debbie C.

Don and Laura K.

Glenna G.

Global Impact Realty

King Soopers/Kroger

Larry K.

Linda F.

Loving Family Animal Hospital

Madeline H.

Mike and Kathryn G.

Mike W.

Petco Foundation

Ren R.

Richard and Georgia B.

Sharon S.

Tomkins Gates Corporation (employee matching funds from Debbie C.)

Best in Breed: $100 – $499

Abigail Angell C.

Adele T.

Aetna Foundation/Cyndi L

Al and Nancy L


Animal Welfare Fund

Ann B.

Annette C.

Black Rock Elementary School (Penny Harvest)

Brooke W.

Candy G.

Catherine H.

Catherine McC.

Cathy C.

Colorado Animal Rescue Express

Community Recycling

Debra D-H.

Doris M.

Duane and Eva B.

Elisa M.

Fred and Sharon T.

Gayle E.

Gayle G.

Gerry B.

Hale Pet Security Doors


Janet B.

Jennifer P.

Jen K.

Jodie P.

John and Sharon M.

John and Susan N.

Joseph and Kristi M.


Judy M.

Julie W.

Karyn T.

Kay P.

Kelly M.

Kim B. and Travis T.

Levant A.

Lev Y.

Lewis S.

Linda F.

Linda P.

Liz K-P.

Lois L.

Lorie Jo F.

Lou Ann G.

Malcolm and Janet P.

Margaret Kay S.

Maria R.

Marlene C.

Mary A.

Mary Ann S.

Michael D.

Michael and Catherine H.

Michelle H.

Michelle R.

Mile Hi United Trade Pay

Mimi S.

Mitchal M.

Nancy B.

Network for Good

Nicholas R-McK

Nyosha E.

PayPal Giving Funds

Petra M.

Randall C.

Ren R.

Rena T.

Richard W.

Robin N.

Rockin’ Paw Rescue

Russell and Karen W.

Sally H.

Scott Reno Insurance

Sharon E.

Shellie N.

Silicon Valley Community

Skip and Jennifer P.

Sonia V.

Susannah H.

Tamala J.

Tiffany A.

Todd S.

Tom and Gayle G.

Tracy R.

Vickie P-C.

Wendy G.

William E.

William and Glenna G.

Monthly Donations:

Andrea B.

Bob T.

Elroy L.

Heather K.

I’ling T.

Lorraine M.

Marcie T.

Pat G.

Paul M.

Rebekah P H.

Sandy H.

Simon C.

Best in Class: Up to $100

Alissa Z.

Amazon Smile

Angela L.

Barbara G

Bill G.

Billie McK

Camryn A.

Carolyn B.

Charlotte H.

Cherie B.

Christine S.

Clark O.

Colorado Animal Rescue Express / Jake’s Fund

Cyndi L.

Cindy S.

Connie M.

David M.

David S.

Dean and Linda P.

Deborah C.

Deborah D.

Debra C.

Dennis and Norma H.

Donna B.

Edward and Yvonne L.

Elena V.

Ellen C.

Emily S.

Eric M

Felicia M.


Executive Choice Consulting

Galen D. in honor of her beloved nephew, Zane N.

Georgia McC.

Gerri L.

Gerry H.

Gift A Balloon

Gloria S.

Gwen F.

Happy Tails Books

Helga S.

Holly G.

i-5 Publishing

Ingrid A.

Jack and Christine W.

Jackson Street Mercantile

James A.

John and Sherry M.

John S.

Julie W.

Julie Y.

Karen C.

Karen L.

Katheryn O.

Kathy P.

Kathy R.

Kelly W.

Kent E.

Kerith B.

Kim B.

Jerry and Suzette C.

Julie Y.

Karen C.

Karen L.

Kelly W.

Kristin P.

Larry K.

Laura N.

Laura W.

Laurie M.

Leslie G.

Leslie K.

Lev Y.

Linda E.

Linda S.

Lindsey S.

Lorie Jo F.

Marianne E.

Maricor F.

Marissa D.

Mary K.

Mary W.

Matlin C.

Megan W.

Mellyn B.

Meredith W.

Michael and Kathleen F.

Michael McK and Susan R-McK.

Michelle D.

Michelle H.

Mike and Cheryl M.

Nyosha E.

Patricia E.

Paul S.

Peggy C.

Penelope L.

Petra M.

Pet Rescue Rx

Petsmart Charities

Principal Combined Fund

Randolph J.

Raymond M.

Reed and Dorene L.

Robert C.

Robin L.

Russell and Karen W.

Sally F.

Sandra K.

Sandy C.

Sharon E.

Sharon T.

Shine L.

Sundance Farm

Susannah H.

Tara P.

Terri C.

Terry C.

Tracee D.

Tracy R.

Travis T. and Kim B.


Ursula L S.

Verlane E.

Viki E.


Zachary S.

Helena’s Fund*

*Named for Helena, a three year old Cocker Spaniel with juvenile cataracts who deserved a life with restored vision and a loving forever family!

Leslie H donated in honor of Dixie, who was re-homed by RMCR in 2014 when Leslie’s mother was unable to properly care for her beloved dog. Per Leslie: Her birthday is April 4 and I cannot think of a better present than a donation to this great organization. I think of her daily and miss her happy wiggle butt and those beautiful eyes ! I know she is in a better situation now because of you all at RMCR. Again, THANK YOU and God Bless you all for the work you do to better the lives of these precious animals.

Tony and Debbie C. donated generously toward Holly’s orthopedic surgery to repair her fractured front leg as a result of her being thrown from a moving vehicle and abandoned.

Megan W. and family donated toward Kodiak’s heartworm treatment.

Kim B. donated in honor of Homeward Bound Animal Hospital who so lovingly cared for their kitten, Baron.

Memorial Donations

Donations honoring the memory of departed Cocker Spaniels, their owners and/or those who love Cockers.

Barbara S. gave a generous donation in memory of her beloved Sadie Jo

William and Glenna gave a generous donation in memory of their beloved Jack, whom they adopted as a senior through RMCR in 2012.  

Deborah D. donated in loving memory of Callie.

Donald and Teresa S. donated in loving memory of Sandy Headley

Eleonore Brtva donated in loving memory of Chris Novota

Gerry and Gail McC. donated in loving memory of Sandy Headley

Linda S. donated in loving memory of Patches (aka Trixie), whom she adopted from us in 2009

Liz J in loving memory of her parent’s Cocker, Dylan

Liz K-P donated in loving memory of Sandy Headley

Michael and Cheryl M. donated in loving memory of Sandy Headley

Nancy D. donated in loving memory of Sunshine

Sandy C. donated in loving memory of Chris William Novata

Terry H-K gave a generous donation in memory of her beloved aunt, Ruby Haynes, who loved Cocker Spaniels dearly her entire life. 

Terri C gave a generous donation in loving memory of Nancy Goodwin.