2014 Donors

Thanking RMCR’s Generous 2014 Donors!








Cocker Heros

Honoring those who have donated towards a better life for rescued Cocker Spaniels

Best In Show – $500+

Cathleen C.

John and Linda R.

Madeline H.

Kroger’s/ King Soopers


PetSmart Charities

Best in Breed – $100 – $499

Audra B.

Bob T. (through monthly donations)

Bonnie L.

Brian W.

Brooke W.

Buffalo Wings Restaurants

Cathleen C.

Cathy O.

Cheri K.

Cy D.

Diane R.

Eric M.

Georgia M.

Glenna G.

Heather K. (through monthly donations)


Jack J.

Jack V.

Jim V.

Joe and Sheryl N.

Karen B.

Katrina and Ralph G.

Kimberly B.

Linda P.

Liz KP.

Lorie Jo F.

Lorraine M. (through monthly donations)

Lou Ann G.

Mary A.

Michael D.

Michelle H.

Origami Owl – Rachel .

Pat G. (through monthly donations)

Paul M. (through monthly donations)

Peggy C.

Perry M.

Rachael R.

Rebekah P. (through monthly donations)

Ren R.

Rosemary K.

Sandy H. (through monthly donations)

Sean C.

Sean M.

Shellie N.

Simon C. (through monthly donations)

Texas Roadhouse

Tony and Debbie C.

Best in Class – Up to $100

Alev A.

Angela C.

Ann S.

Annette C.

Brooke W.

Carl and Karen V.

Car0lyn P.

Carrie R.

Catherine M.

Community Shares of Colorado

David MacD.

Douglas S.

Ellen T.

Emily D.

Fran S.

George B.

Hale Pet Security Doors

Jane N.

Janet B.

Jennifer P.

Katie D.

Kelly B.

Kyujin C.

Lola’s Sugar Rush

Lorie Jo F.

Mary A.

Mary C.

Matlin C.

Michelle A.

Michelle M.

Mitchell S.

Panda Restaurant

Patricia E.

Paula S.

Pee Happy

Petra M.

Rhonda B.

Robert and Debbie C.

Romano’s Pizzeria

Sabina S.

Scott and Carol T.

Sonia V.

Sue S.

Tamara W.


Helena’s Fund*

*Named for Helena, a three year old Cocker Spaniel with juvenile cataracts who deserved a life with restored vision and a loving forever family!

Nancy B. gave a generous donation in loving honor of her sweet, geriatric Cocker she adopted from a shelter. Nancy wrote of the struggle her dog had with allergies and horrible sores all over her body. She is now healthy, happy and well loved.

Bruce P. gave a generous donation in honor of Liza Pfaff D.V.M., one of our Cocker Heroes who has literally been a life saver to several of our rescued dogs.

D.O.G. Development gave a generous donation in honor of Sam Talley.

Memorial Donations

Donations honoring the memory of departed Cocker Spaniels, their owners and/or those who love Cockers.

Jeanne D. in loving memory of Nancy Goodwin, an RMCR adopter and supporter – $25

Paulaner HP USA in loving memory of Nancy Goodwin – $100

Sonia V. in loving memory of Tater Tot  – $250

Terry H-K in loving memory of Ruby Haynes who had a life-long love of Cockers – $50

Amy T. in loving memory of Mark Aden Conable, beloved son of John and Pat Conable,  April 19, 1962 – February 4, 2014

~Cocker Hero ribbon courtesy of Debbie Davis at www.designdogstudio.com~