2013 Donors

Thanking RMCR’s Generous 2013 Donors!








Cocker Heros

Honoring those who have donated towards a better life for rescued Cocker Spaniels

Best In Show – $500+


John and Catherine M.

Liz K.

Loving Family Animal Hospital

Mitchal M.


Sharon S.

Best in Breed – $100 – $499

Al and Nancy L.

Alan C. and Carolyn S.

Betty A.

Bill H.

Bob T.

Bonnie L.

Brian J.

Brian N.

Candy G.

Caroline R.

Cathy O.

Cheryl B.

Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities

Craig and Susan W

Cy DeB.

Duane and Eva B.

Elisa M.

Gabe B

Gary K and Elisa M.

Glenna G

Jake’s Fund/Colorado Animal Rescue Express

Janet B

Janice and George R.

Jennifer C

John and Nancy V

John Cory R.

Karen W.

Kay P.

Kelly M.

Linda P.

Lorraine M.

Mary Anne W.

Michael D.

Michael W.

Mitchal M.

Nate G.

Paul M.

Paula H.

Perry M.

Peter W.

Rhonda N.

Rose K.

Sally H

Sandy H.

Sean C.

Sean McA.

Stace and Linda S.

Tamara W.

Tom and Shirl C.

Warren R

Best in Class – Up to $100


Amy Beth A.

Andrea S.

Anna R.

Anthony W.

Barbara B.

Beatrix S

Ben K.

Brent W.

Brian M

Brian T.

Bruce C.

Camryn A.

Cari M.

Carla T.

Carmen B.

Carolyn B.

Carolyn P.

Char H.

Charlotte D.

Cheryl C.

Christina E.

Claire A.

Cynthia T.

Dallas P.

Dan and Elaine

Deanna T.

Debbie B.

Debbie C.

Deb M.

Debra T.

Dee R.

Delia G.


Don and Diane B.

Dorene L.

Dorothy M.

Ellen R.

Ellen T.

Gayle G.

Gena R.


Grainne and Sarah

Gretchen S.

Guy and Sally

Gwen F.

Heather K

Heather R.

Ingrid A.

Ingrid I.

Jan and Darrell T.

Janet B.

Janet S.

Jean F.

Jecica B.

Jennifer C.

Jennifer P.

Jerry D.

Jim M.

John and Joyce P.

John G.

Jon M.


Joy K.

Judie H.

Julia L.

Julie A.

Julie Ann P.

Julie W.

Karen C.

Karen W

Katherine W.

Kathleen K


Kelly M

Ken J.

Kimberly H.

Lara G.

Lea W.

Leann M.

Linda L.

Linda and Dean P.

Linda R.

Linda S.

Linda W.

Lisa R.

Liz C.

Liz KP

Lois G.

Mai H.

Marilyn O.

Maria M.

Mary B.

Michael D.

Michael S.

Michael and Pauline

Michele D.

Michele M.

Michelle A.

Nelda C.

Nicole A.

Nik B.

Norm and Liz K.


Pat E.

Patricia R.

Pauline V.

Peg J.

Peggy E.

Pete and Barbara

Petra M.


Randolph J.

Ren R.

Rhonda B.

Rich and Lorraine M.

Ron L.


Samson M.

Sarah J.

Scott T

SCU Community Foundation

Sena B.

Sheila and Roger H.

Sheri McA.

Sheri S.

Solange W.

Sonia D.

Sonia V.

Susan C.

Susan M.

Suzette C.

Suzanne and David

Tamala S.

Tanya T.

Terry O.


Ursula S

Vern J


Helena’s Fund*

Honoring those that have donated towards individual Cocker Spaniels with special needs.

John H. – $540 towards Maxx’s surgery

Judie H. – $250 toward Luke’s surgery

*Named for Helena, a three year old Cocker Spaniel with juvenile cataracts who deserved a life with restored vision and a loving forever family!

Memorial Donations

Donations honoring the memory of departed Cocker Spaniels, their owners and/or those who love Cockers.

$100 in memory of Mary Lucille Milliken

Mark V. – $50 in memory of his beloved Betsy

John and Cathy O. – $150 in memory of Terry Olson and Prince

Katherine and Nicholas J. – $25 in memory of Terry Olson

Terry H-K – $50 in loving memory of Ruby Haynes who loved 5 Cockers and numerous other dogs in
her lifetime


~Cocker Hero ribbon courtesy of Debbie Davis at www.designdogstudio.com~