Update Email #2 from Hugo’s Adopter

Update Email from Hugo’s Adopter

Hi Suzette,
Everything is going just great here!  Hugo and Daisy have become best of friends.  That makes me very happy.  We go out to the mail box twice a day, and Hugo and Sally run together, and stop every once in a while and stand up on their hind feet and do a little happy dance together.  I have a road out by the mail box and I am training him to stop at the mailbox and not go on the road.  Daisy helps me train, as she stops there.  There is very little traffic, but you just never know.  He learns very fast.
We go out in the pasture, and they go out farther than Sally and I want, but when I call him once, they both come a running and do their little dance when they get to me. So cute, and of course I don’t have my camera with me.  I think he is getting plenty of exercise.
I have been watching reruns of  “Dog Whisperer” on TV to see if I can get some pointers on his growling.  He sometimes growls at Sarah, but not Sonya, so I learned to hold my open hand close to his face when he does, and say NO!  He does kind of pay attention to me, so maybe that will help down the road. It could also be a little Alpha Male in him too.   Baby Steps!  Baby Steps!
He has been letting me scratch his nose and the top of his head, just a little.  As long is his tail is wagging and he is smiling and I am talking to him, he seems to like it.  He hasn’t growled at me for days.  I talk to him all the time, and I am glad I do not have close neighbors, or they might call the guys in the white coats!
A tennis ball rolled off the table and he grabbed it and ran round the house with it.  Was so happy.  So we went outside and played take away.  I didn’t try to take it from his mouth, just waited for him to drop it.  He is so fast!
I am attaching some pictures.  My camera doesn’t seem to be working very well, and it is kind of a cold and nasty day, so I will send better ones later.  I checked all my email from you and i can’t seem to find any pictures from Colorado.
I talked to my brother in law about training him, and he says it is kind of hard to train without touching.  He has to position them, and that might be difficult for Hugo.  Maybe down the road a little.
Hugo is really a joy and I am very happy to be able to work with him and hopefully he can eventually learn to trust me, so I can give him a big hug.  I know, Baby Steps.