Update Email #1 from Hugo’s Adopter


Hi Suzette,
We got home last night at about 9:00.  Hugo traveled pretty well.  He slept almost all the way through Colorado laying next to Sally, but when I stopped to let them out in Nebraska, he started to limp on one leg, and I figured he picked up a sand burr, so I reached down to help get it out and then nailed me.   I could see that was not a good move on my part.  We made amends and didn’t have any more close calls.
I could tell he was getting a little tired from being in the car so long.  He would start barking and squeaking, but I would talk to him and give him a part of a snack and he would calm down.  When we got home, he met Sarah and Sonya, and they really got along really fine.  When I sit on the couch, he is right next to me.  Once, I did see his face getting ready to attack, because I was scratching his back, but I talked to him and he calmed down.  Sonya jumped up on the couch and he let her know it wasn’t allowed when he was with me, but that has been the only problem.
I am now very careful when he is sitting with me, not to touch very much.  He does climb up on my lap and lick, kind of makes me a little nervous, because I do not know how much attention I can give him and that is a little close to my face.  :-)  When I work on my computer, he lays right as my feet and when we go outside, he is always following me.
I think he is going to work out just fine, if I just remember his little “peccadillo’s” when he is near me.  I enjoy his company and look forward to many years of working with him.
Thanks again for all the help and care you gave Hugo.