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Sadie 14-040

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Arrived 4/7/2014

Sadie is a 5yr old spayed Female from a puppy mill in WY.
Not Available for adoption yet, watch for information, coming soon.

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Freckles 14-039

Here is Freckles, who is about 5 years old and comes to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue from a puppy mill. As a pup she came from a puppy mill herself. And yes, she has been a puppy mill mommy and now is looking forward to having a new life of freedom. The day we rescued her, along with two other mill dogs, was the first day of the rest of her life! She is now discovering grass, cement, and other things like rocks. Everything is foreign to her and even being on a leash is new for her. Freckles is classified as Red Merle in color and she has one blue eye, making her very distinctive looking. Her left ear unfortunately was torn off by other dogs while in the puppy mill. It has been surgically closed and her hair is longer on that side to simulate the appearance of an ear. She is deaf on the left side.

Freckles is a very sweet but timid little dog and does like humans as she is learning more about them. She is crate trained as would be expected for a mill dog. In her future new forever home I am sure she would love to be free of her crate as she is learning to be in her foster home. Foster mom is working on potty training and encouraging the use of a doggie door and is enjoying exposing her to new things that she has not known before. We are not sure at this point about her ability to be placed with children. Exposure to cats is unknown.
Freckles is up to date on all of her shots and is micro chipped. During Freckle’s intake vet visit Dr. Weldon discovered mammary tumors which will be surgically removed and biopsied the end of April. Of course we are hoping and praying that these will be non-cancerous tumors.

Please be sure to check in again after the first of May for an update on these tumors and Freckles’ progress overall.

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well being of the dog.

Freckles is micro-chipped, spayed and up-to-date on her shots. If you would like to meet Freckles and continue to help her adapt to a happier life, please fill out an Adoption Application Online. Freckles adoption fee is $300.00

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Bobbie Mae 13-081

Meet Miss Bobbie Mae. She is a black and white parti-color Cocker senior about 9-10 years old, acting younger than she is stated to be, who is living her golden years anticipating more time to enjoy God’s green earth with a loving family. She was originally brought to RMCR as a stray by animal control in Kansas.

Bobbie Mae is beautiful, adorable and loving. She has low vision but gets around happily and easily with just a few stumbling points in new places. Her right eye has a cataract and left eye has a tilted lens but causes no pressure or pain. She will need eye pressure checks every 4-6 months. Bobbie Mae walks well on a leash, knows basic obedience, is both house & crate trained and travels well. She is a social dog but sometimes doesn’t want other dogs to bother her so she will let them know with a snarl and perhaps a tangle. She seems to do best with other submissive dogs rather than alpha dogs.

Bobbie Mae would do best in a home without a lot of doggie commotion. She has had consistent vet care for the past two years as far as we know. She has done well with children.

Update on Bobbie Mae from her Foster Family

Bobbie Mae is the sweetest, most loving and caring bundle of love anyone could ever hope to be fortunate enough to adopt.

She has a special quality that is unseen but not untouched. Take one look beyond her beautiful face and you will find her special quality: a heart full of precious love. Bobbie Mae adjusted very well to her foster family. She gets along with her four-legged foster brothers and sister. Bobbie’s heart has opened to her two-legged foster sister.

Bobbie Mae enjoys running and playing ball either alone or with her foster sister. She loves to take walks and watch the goats and chickens play. She is the type of companion that would give someone a loving pet that would cherish for a lifetime. The right family will find that upon adoption, Bobbie Mae is a child in a fur coat. This loving ball of fur will make someone a very loving, devoted and loyal companion who will return the love her family gives several times over.

Bobbie Mae is micro-chipped, spayed and up-to-date on her shots. If you would like to adopt Bobbie Mae, please fill out an online adoption application.  Bobbie  Mae’s adoption fee is $300.



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Cookie 13-079



Cookie, the Cocker! Such a sweet name for such a sweet senior dog! She is a 10 year-old, white and tan Cocker Spaniel with brown tips on her ears. Cookie comes from a shelter in Texas. She ended up in the shelter due to family difficulties. Poor Cookie ended up in the backyard for several months and then went to the Texas shelter for several weeks before being transferred to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. This little lady has the sweetest face and eyes that say, “Thank you”!

She has low vision due to a cataract in her right eye and a lens luxation in the left eye, but somehow there is brightness in her eyes.  Update: Since these pictures were taken, Cookie has had her left eye removed.  She gets around just like all the other dogs without her vision causing any problems. Cookie has a gentle disposition and it breaks my heart to know that she was left out in the backyard for so long in her past. But now we are helping her. She has learned all about love and family companionship with her foster family. She does well with other dogs but will give a little growl if they get into her way or if she doesn’t want them there. She looks to her foster mom for affirmation; as if asking is she is doing is right or wrong.

Cookie is both house & crate trained. She is being treated for a chronic ear infection and will have her teeth cleaned before adoption. She will probably need a few extractions. She does have dry skin which is being treated with bathing, diet, and medication but her coat is soft. She loves attention and being petted. She is not as active as younger dogs but is living a good life in her golden years. Can you help her out with a loving home for the rest of her life?

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the wellbeing of the dog.

**UPDATE** Cookie now has a sponsor and her adoption fee has been paid. If you are interested in Cookie and have been approved for adoption she may be just the right girl for you!!!

Cookie is micro-chipped spayed and up-to-date on her shots. If you would like to adopt Cookie please fill out an online adoption application.  Cookie’s  adoption fee is $150.00

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Coco’s Happy Tale

Carol and Coco

Coco is another of our sweet Cocker Spaniels that never made it onto the Web site.  Word of mouth led her to Carol before we could even post her.  Coco came to us from a local shelter and she needed to be spayed and groomed before we could get photos of her to post to our Web site.  Her foster mom had heard that Carol was looking to find a new companion after her beloved Brooke had passed away from cancer.  So, a meeting was arranged and that was that!  Carol has a new companion and Coco has a new forever home!  All is well in their world.

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago at 8:57 am.

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