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Walter 14-041

Walter is between 3-5 yrs of age and loves sleeping near his humans. He spent his entire life in a small cage living as a puppy mill stud dog. He is not fond of staying in a crate very long, but will go inside of it when feeling overwhelmed by his surroundings.

He is learning the sounds of the real world and is intimidated by leashes, but is improving. He doesn’t really know how to play or fetch, but he quickly learned of the squeaky and fuzzy things in a toy basket. He will take them to his crate to keep him company at night, but does it when no one is looking. His foster siblings taught him how to use the doggie door and has now been following their habits by going potty outside.

He will shy away from new people and things until he knows they will not harm him, allowing people to pet him and rub his belly – eventually coming to you when called by name. He is better being fed treats by a person now and is learning the food bowls aren’t scary. His tail is a wiggly one and has apparently learned to wag it more often – most likely because he is free and is learning so much more than just 4 walls and a wire caged floor.

Please consider letting Walter be your special forever companion. He desires all the love he can get and will reward you with the same if you are gentle and patient while teaching him more about life and how to be a real dog – in the real world.

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well-being of the dog.

Walter is micro-chipped, neutered and up-to-date on his shots. If you would like to meet Walter and continue to help him adapt to a happier life, please fill out an Adoption Application Online. Walter’s adoption fee is $300.

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Jett 13-003



Hi there! My name is Jett and I’m about 6 years young. I’m a little bit taller than other cockers (so you may want to keep things of the edge of the counter) and I also have a full tail that loves to wag. I came to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma. When I arrived at my foster mom’s house I was marking a bit, but she thinks it’s because there were 3 boys in the house and we all wanted to establish our territory. I don’t do that anymore and am a pro at the doggy door. I’m always the first one out in the morning.

After arriving in Colorado, I got a haircut and got checked out by the vet who told me I have something in my left eye that’s made me lose some of my eyesight. It requires some daily medicine to prevent it from getting worse, but I let my foster mom put it in without too much fuss.

Anyway, all of my friends from Oklahoma have been adopted but I’m still looking for my forever home. I’m not sure what happened to me back there, it’s probably best if I don’t remember, but it made me fearful and unsure sometimes so in the past I’ve growled and snapped occasionally at strangers. My foster mom is taking me to training classes in October so I can learn to be the best canine citizen I can be. Hopefully you’ll want to meet then but I will need a family that is patient, firm, and understanding.

You are probably wondering how I would fit with your people. My foster mom tells me that I’m generally a very happy and easy-going guy. I get along fine with my foster siblings but I mostly prefer playing with my toys.  I love stuffed animals, ropes, balls, but especially anything that squeaks! My FAVORTIE thing to do is take one of my toys and roll around with it under my back and make funny noises, which makes everybody laugh. I haven’t been around any very young kids so I’m not sure if I should be in a house with any.

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the wellbeing of the dog.

Jett is neutered, current on vaccinations and is micro-chipped. If you are interested in meeting Jett please fill out an online adoption application. Jett’s adoption fee is $300.

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago at 4:48 pm.

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