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Cookie 13-079

*** ADOPTED !!! ***

Cookie, the Cocker! Such a sweet name for such a sweet senior dog! She is a 10 year-old, white and tan Cocker Spaniel with brown tips on her ears. Cookie comes from a shelter in Texas. She ended up in the shelter due to family difficulties. Poor Cookie ended up in the backyard for several months and then went to the Texas shelter for several weeks before being transferred to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. This little lady has the sweetest face and eyes that say, “Thank you”!

She has low vision due to a cataract in her right eye and a lens luxation in the left eye, but somehow there is brightness in her eyes. Since these pictures were taken, Cookie has had her left eye removed.  She gets around just like all the other dogs without her vision causing any problems. Cookie has a gentle disposition and it breaks my heart to know that she was left out in the backyard for so long in her past. But now we are helping her. She has learned all about love and family companionship with her foster family. She does well with other dogs but will give a little growl if they get into her way or if she doesn’t want them there. She looks to her foster mom for affirmation; as if asking is she is doing is right or wrong.

Cookie is both house & crate trained. She is being treated for a chronic ear infection and will have her teeth cleaned before adoption. She will probably need a few extractions. She does have dry skin which is being treated with bathing, diet, and medication but her coat is soft. She loves attention and being petted. She is not as active as younger dogs but is living a good life in her golden years. Can you help her out with a loving home for the rest of her life?

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well being of the dog.

Cookie is micro-chipped, spayed and up-to-date on her shots. If you would like to adopt Cookie please fill out an online adoption application. Cookie has a sponsor and her adoption-fee has been donated.

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Jacxs 13-083

** Adoption Pending***

This beautiful buff & white Cocker/Clumber Spaniel mix loves going for walks on a leash and has plenty of energy but also likes to relax with you after calling him onto the furniture. When it’s time for dinner, he has no problem running the stairs. He has the activity level of a 9 year-old dog. Because he is part Clumber, he is solid muscle and weighs in at 45-lbs. He has a mass by his sternum that was tested negative for cancer, but he was given a clean bill-of-health from the vet and has no medical issues. He will make someone a terrific friend and companion.

Jacxs is a very loving, sweet boy and loves to show affection. He likes to roll around on his back and sides, and then wait for you to scratch his belly and talk to him. He loves to be scratched under his chin and the sides of his neck; he’ll let you know you are doing it right when he kisses your wrist at the same time. Basically, he is just a really big, loveable goofball.

If Jacxs is caught off guard, e.g., surprised or quickly approached, he will respond with a warning nip, therefore he is not fond of toddlers. If older children approach slowly, he loves the touch of a soft hand. He doesn’t take discipline from females well, but has shown improvement since his foster family has been teaching him the female is his alpha. He may have lived in an apartment prior to coming into rescue, as he likes to have someone around when going outside to potty, else he will cut the trip short and hurry back inside to be with his people. Who knew a dog would like to have someone around while going potty? He does need to be taken outside right before or after eating. He does well with other dogs, but doesn’t like them nearby when he’s eating or when they try to take his toys, but when it’s time for a treat, he patiently waits his turn. Jaxcs is not a barker, but will join the others after they start singing.

Jacxs is a complete gentleman in the car, even with the window down. He does not like to be crated, but deals with it. Instead and only if necessary, he prefers to be kept in a spare room. He is also very happy and content sleeping on the floor next to your bed, although he snores a bit. Did we mention that he is just a big, loveable goofball – with plenty of love to give?

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well being of the dog.

Jacxs is micro-chipped, neutered and up-to-date on his shots. If you would like to adopt Jacxs, please fill out an Adoption Application Online. Jacxs’ adoption fee is $150.

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Coco’s Happy Tale

Carol and Coco

Coco is another of our sweet Cocker Spaniels that never made it onto the Web site.  Word of mouth led her to Carol before we could even post her.  Coco came to us from a local shelter and she needed to be spayed and groomed before we could get photos of her to post to our Web site.  Her foster mom had heard that Carol was looking to find a new companion after her beloved Brooke had passed away from cancer.  So, a meeting was arranged and that was that!  Carol has a new companion and Coco has a new forever home!  All is well in their world.

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago at 8:57 am.

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Harley Henry’s Happy Tale

Rod and Harley Henry

Normally, our Happy Tales are about rescued dogs that find new forever homes, however we had to make an exception when it came to Harley Henry.  Harley’s owner, Rod, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago and is now in a wheel chair.  Rod was facing a move into an assisted living situation that would not allow dogs, so he contacted RMCR to help place Harley into a new home.  Harley never really assimilated into life at his foster mom’s home.  He moped around and looked out the window, hoping that Rod would show up to get him.  On weekends when he went to adoption events, he stuck close to the male volunteers, following them wherever they went and sitting in their laps. Then Rod called – he’d found an assisted living complex that allowed dogs and asked if he could take Harley back!  As you can see, the reunion was touching.  Harley knew within three miles of home that he was on his way back and was standing in the window looking for his house.  All of us at RMCR fell in love with Harley and we are so pleased that he could be reunited with Rod.  Best wishes for a long and happy life, gentlemen!

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Heidi’s Happy Home

Barb and Mike with Katie and Heidi

Heidi came to us from Utah where this youngster was found as a matted messy stray. Her ears were so painfully infected that she didn’t want us to touch her head when we groomed her the first time. Heidi’s little head has a permanent tilt to it perhaps because of chronic ear infections; however, the infections are cleared up now and she is as healthy as they come. Mike and Barb fell in love with her pictures on our website and could hardly wait to add to her their family. Heidi adopted this wonderful couple and their dog, Katie, so she will have a fur-ever family of her own to love and kiss for many years to come.

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Travi’s Fur-Ever Home

Chelsea with Larry and Mary

Travi, a former puppy mill dog was painfully shy and fearful when she arrived in Denver about a month ago. At her first Petco adoption event, this beauty spent the majority of the as far away from people as possible and faced the opposite direction so she wouldn’t have to look at anyone. Three weeks later she was at another Petco adoption event when she found Mary who cuddled her on her lap for quite some time. (Little did we know that Mary and Larry were there to inspect our volunteers to see what kind of a rescue we ran! We passed their test!!) Mary decided she would foster-to-adopt this shy girl. The first week was challenging with Travi being very fearful of the doors and not wanting her front feet to be touched, but she won Mary’s heart when she joined her in bed one night. Larry decided Travi’s new name should be Chelsea after the English soccer team; he even bought her a blue soccer jersey to wear when he takes her to the nearby soccer park! Chelsea is slowly becoming comfortable around her new parents who are doting on her just as she deserves. When we left their home, they were discussing sweaters and booties for Chelsea to wear when it snows! We think Chelsea picked a great fur-ever home.

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Jovi’s Happy Tale

Kathleen with Jovi and Kealy

New mom, Kathleen, says it best:

On the day Jovi arrived, I knew this was a good fit. Jovi ran around and around in the house, his rear end wiggling enthusiastically the whole time. Kealy, of course, was a little overwhelmed by all of Jovi’s energy that day, but they have now settled into a playful relationship. I opened the door to our backyard that day and Jovi galloped out, down the stairs, and proceeded to run in circles throughout the entire yard. There is a retaining wall in my back yard which is only about 3 feet high. It was just joyful to see Jovi leap up and down and up and down from the upper level to the lower level and back again.

Some of the most fabulous things about Jovi are, of course, his beautiful face and soft coat and his wonderful personality. His size is perfect for our home and yard. My house is scattered with his toys, kind of like a big playpen. Something for him to chew on is always just a few feet away! I don’t mind at all! He has already torn apart a stuffed squeaky toy, looking for the plastic squeak-maker, just as my terriers have always done. We play tug-of-war every evening. Jovi and I have taken some long walks and he meets many dogs along the trail. He is always friendly and ready to play with them. Whenever I push the ice dispenser on the front of my refrigerator, he jumps and jumps in anticipation of the cube that will surely fall to the floor into his domain. The tricks he knows are the icing on the cake. What a lovely dog.

And we add – what a lucky dog!!

Posted 4 years, 7 months ago at 1:59 pm.

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A Tale of Brave Ulysses

Ulysses (now Oscar) with his new playmates

Ulysses came to us so very sick with pneumonia. But after vet visits and tender loving care from his foster Mom and Dad, he recovered and was spotted on the web by his new family. It was love at first sight.  Ulysses met each family member, including his new cockapoo buddy Sammy, and acted like he’d lived there for years.  It was heartwarming to see the dogs and the kids just have a ball, literally, they loved playing ball! Ulysses is now Oscar and has a new happy home with lots of fun and activity.

Posted 4 years, 8 months ago at 8:02 pm.

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Titanium and Nancy

Nancy and Becca (formerly Titanium)

Nancy and Titanium, now called Becca

Titanium had a rough life for someone so young. In her 15 months of life, she was a puppy mill dog taken after a raid to a vet in Kansas who cared for her until she came to Colorado. She was so very shy and timid that we knew she would need extra TLC and a home where she would be loved and allowed to bloom. Nancy was drawn to Titanium’s beautiful red coloring with the white blaze on her chest and her freckled nose. She knew that this young Cocker would need a special home and was willing to give her the time and space to come out of her shell. On her second night in her new home, Titanium slept on the bed with Nancy and woke her with a cold nose on her nose! Then she curled up under her arm to settle in for sleep. Nancy obviously has the right touch for a dog who just didn’t know where she belonged in life. They are bonding nicely now and Titanium has a name to match her sweet, gentle personality…Becca.

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Lexi’s Christmas Present

Bob, Pat and Lexi



Lexi got her Christmas present a week early in the form of her new parents Bob and Pat! Lexi came to us from Nebraska where she was found as a stray so badly matted that the shelter didn’t know her breed until they shaved her down. Underneath all that fur was a sweet, gentle Cocker/Schnauzer mix. Bob and Pat were looking for a Cocker/Terrier mix when along came Lexi, so their Christmas wish was fulfilled as well. It was definitely love at first sight for everyone. Lexi will spend her life pampered and loved by her new family and, in return, giving them her unconditional love.

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago at 2:51 pm.

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Molly’s New Family

Molly with Tom, Deanna and Hannah

Hannah’s heart was stolen instantly by Molly, a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel puppy with long eye lashes and the cutest freckles ever seen. Molly was apparently equally in love with Hannah since she stuck close by her side and turned on the charm. Tom and Deanna were stricken by how intelligent little Molly was when she met their two yellow labs who were to become her new brother and sister. Molly knew how far she could go when playing with each dog and when to back off. Hannah would like to be a junior handler, so Molly will be the perfect student for her to train. Hannah and Molly are so cute together! Talk about a match made in Heaven for this young girl and her new puppy!

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago at 8:25 pm.

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Finnigan’s Happy Tale


Diane and Steve with Finnigan

We love win-win situations in Cocker Spaniel rescue! Steve and Diane were wanting the pitter-patter of little doggie feet in their home without all the expense and we were looking for foster homes. They responded to a craigslist ad that we posted for fosters and became proud foster failures on their very first foster, Finnigan! We don’t blame them one bit. Who could resist these cute, cuddly, playful dogs who invade our hearts for life? Finnigan has an unusual eye color that matches his spots perfectly, too, so he is a real beauty to behold and a joy to have around. Lucky for us, Steve and Diane are continuing to foster so that Finnigan (Finn) has playmates in his beautiful mountain home with lots of property. It is truly a win-win situation for Steve and Diane, Finnigan and Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue!

Posted 4 years, 9 months ago at 8:34 am.

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Molly and Paddy’s Happy Tale


Jane with Paddy and Molly

Jane had experienced incredible loss and heartache in her life recently when she saw Molly at one of our adoption events. Molly’s family had to give her up that very day because their lives got too busy to give her the attention she needed and deserved, so Molly was really hurting as well. Although Jane wasn’t looking for a dog, these two made an immediate connection that was much like Super Glue…nothing could separate them. They were so happy together it was just pure joy watching them. Not long afterwards, Jane decided to rescue another soul in need of love and family, so she adopted Paddy. Now the three of them are a perfect little family, going everywhere together and taking long walks enjoying life and love. We don’t know who saved who in this Happy Tale, but we’re pretty sure it was mutual. Jane saved Molly and Paddy and, in return, they saved her

Posted 4 years, 10 months ago at 7:48 am.

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