We have had 2 other cockers, both of which captured our hearts. The first was playful, happy and very outgoing, we got Jordan as a puppy and we were fortunate enough to have him for close to 17 years. When we lost him we both lost a huge piece of our heart and then………… Sammy was our second and he was certainly was an angel in disguise, he was perfect, not at first of course, he was a puppy mill dog that our vet estimated at 2, he had mange, was fearful of all humans and it literally took us close to 2 years to bring him out of his shell, at times I felt we would never win his love and trust, but oh when we did there is nothing in life greater than the unconditional love that he gave us, and he made it very clear we were his heroes(but the reality is he was our hero). This last February we lost him and felt our hearts couldn’t possibly hurt more and were determined he was our last because we were so devastated.

In April we decided our lives were very empty and our home was as well. You ,we never had children and so our dogs had become our life. That is when I came across the RMCR. We found SnoopyDog and he has brought back the life and love in our house that we were so missing. He goes several times per week to visit my Dad at the Veterans Home and runs in and jumps on his lap immediately, wagging his tail and of course wanting the treats that Dad has for him. My in-laws are the babysitter when we leave town and he has made himself very much at home. They love him and, when we pick him up, they are wondering when he will come back.

SnoopyDog has brought life back to my husband and I. He is currently going to Obedience Class and is doing quite well. Our entire neighborhood is so happy to see a new face that always seems happy and willing to give them love.

Stace and I are forever grateful to Claire and Simon who fostered Snoopy and certainly provided him with the love and support and set him up for success in his new forever home with us.

Thanks RMCR and thanks to Claire, Simon and Rocky. We will take very good care of SnoopyDog!

-Stace and Linda S.